Free Level 90 Character Boost

We are now officially launching our LvL 90 Character boost. So, as of today you will be able to send your free character boost to your account using the lvl 90 character boost button on our website on the right.

Please be aware of the following facts:

  1. You can only use it once, so choose wisely, we are not going to give back the oppportunity to use it once more, at least for now.
  2. If you are using it on a lvl 60 character or above, you will be rewarded with a profession boost as well! (More info can be found here:
  3. We are currently still in the testing phase, meaning you may level up a class which has not been fixed yet it will lead to one inevitable outcome: You have to wait till we fix that class too. Quick note: Please do NOT boost a class which you don't like just because it's already been fixed. We will fix every class soon enough.
  4. Draenor is not fixed yet, although we are currently working on it!

2016-05-11 15:31:47

WoWSIX | Network Beta Launches

Hello Guys!

We are happy to announce that our network system is now available for everyone for testing. The purpose of the network is to create an easy way to contact us and report all kinds of bugs. Do not worry, we thought of You in the process. Reporting meaningful bugs will earn you points, which you can use for purchusing rewards later on, including exclusive mounts and heirlooms.

Link to the WoWSIX | Network:

See you in the game!

WoWSIX Dev Team

2016-03-26 11:17:46

New Voting Site

Fellow Community Members!

We're on a new voting site (soon to be able to aquire voting points for it), vote for Us!

Brought to you by TopG:

wow private servers

2015-12-24 18:45:37

Public Testing Phase

Testing phase is now officially open!

If you want to be a part of it, just create an account and start playing!

Don't forget to report any bugs.

2015-12-19 20:16:52

Coming soon!

2015-04-23 19:54:24

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Free Level 90 Character Boost

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